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Red Chilly Powder

  • In Food manufacturing, the product are purchased not by names but by their laboratory rating of pungency value. Colour also has a very important role to play in choosing the right chilly powder. Chilly have little aroma, but they vary in taste, from mild to fiercely hot.  Generally, the large, round, fleshy varieties are milder than the small, thin- skinned, pointed types. Capsaicin, the pungent principle that gives chilies their kick, is present the seeds, veins and skin in varying amounts, depending on the species and the state of ripeness.

    The Chilly powder that we give is medium pungent and has got very good Red Shade.

    Other Chilly Powders like Kashmiri or Extra Hot, etc are available upon request.

  • Quality

    Chilly Powder


    Pungent. Decent Red Shade

    Kitchen Queen (Most Popular)

    Medium Pungent. Good Red Shade


    Mild. Bright Red Shade


  • Chilly, Oil