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Turmeric (Haldi) Powder


    Turmeric is a basic spice which imparts  Colour &  Flavours to food. The aromatic roots of Turmeric are related to ginger and Turmeric will do well wherever ginger thrives.  Not only does Turmeric have exotic aroma, but its intensely saffron-yellow colour long ago made it valuable dye stuff. It is mainly used in dairy products, beverages, cereal, confectionary, ice cream, bakery, and savory products. Turmeric is mostly used in flavored milk drinks, cultured milk and desserts to obtain lemon and banana colors in dairy. Turmeric is added at higher levels to sausages, pickles, relishes, sauces, dry mixes, and fish due to its original usage as a spice.  Apart from its usage in food products, in many eastern countries, it's still used as a cosmetic which gives the skin a golden glow. It has many uses in the religious and ceremonial life of the Orient


    Turmeric Powder


    Rajapuri Haldi


    Salem Haldi

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